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Here they are - the brightest representatives of the world of Magic. In this section you can get acquainted with all the members of the club "United Club of Magicians". These incredible people create the modern history of Illusion Art
Alexsander Murataev
Famous Russian illusionist and founder of the first International Club of illusionists in Russia “United Club of Magicians”. Permanent participant of popular TV and radio shows and winner of the Teffi TV award. Creator of the show on modern tricks “Anything but ordinary” on TV-3 channel and creator of the International Forum of Illusionists.
Maxim Kiselev
One of the best illusionists in Russia. Participant of the TV project “Anything but ordinary”. Star of the famous TV show “Street Magic”. Finalist on the project “Amaze Me”.
Nazar Kaiumov
Co-founder of the club UCM. Champion of Russia in tricks (MFI, RAI). Finalist on the show “Anything but ordinary”. Creator of Artifex, a platform for learning tricks.
Roman Khalafyan
Member of the International Society of Magicians (ims), Silver medalist of the 2nd World Festival of Magic, Finalist of “Minute of Glory” 2017 (first channel), Participant of “Anything but ordinary” 2018 (TV-3), Winner of the show “Invite to the wedding” 2019 (Russia 1), many other TV projects.
Nikolai Fomushin
The participant of the show "Surprise Me", 1 season on TV-3. Consultant and director of the tricks of the show “Empire of Illusions: The Safronov Brothers” on the STS. Semi-finalist of the show “Anything but ordinary” on TV-3 (Duet “Brain-Hacking”) The winner of the TV Trick Prize in the category “Mental Magic” (2018, Duet “Brain-Hacking”) 2nd place in the IFM 2019 in the category “Mentalism "(Duet" Brain-Hacking ") Member of the Russian Association of Illusionists. Member of the Expert Council Prize them. Harry Houdini (1 million rubles for demonstration of superpowers in the conditions of a correctly set scientific experiment)
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