For the first time the European Championship of Magic will be held in Russia in 2024

On June 30, it became known that St. Petersburg will be the next city which host the next ECM European Championship of Magic in 2024. The decision was announced by Domenico Dante – the International President of FISM (International Federation of Illusion Societies) at the European Championship in Spain 2021 in Manresa.

The future organizer of the ECM 2024 in Russia is the “United Club of
Magicians” (UCM)
, the president of the UCM community is the famous Russian illusionist – Alexander Murataev.

Every three years, magic clubs from different countries submit their candidature as a possible host for ECM (European Championship of Magic) and WCM (World Championship of Magic) FISM.

To host the championship is a great honor for the Russian magic community.

The idea to hold the FISM championship in Russia appeared 6 years ago when magician – Alexander Murataev and producer Stepan Pestriakov attended the World Championship of Magic in Rimini (Italy), which was organized by Walter Rolfo and “The Masters of Magic” team in 2015. In the same year in St. Petersburg the “United Club of Magicians” was found and the first International Forum of Magicians (IFM) was held.
Now the IFM is held every year. And it is the largest event for magicians in Russia and the CIS.

ECM FISM 2024 in Russia will definitely become a new chapter in the history of development of the illusion genre in our country. The European Championship of Magic is a significant event for all magicians. Illusionists come to ECM to compete for the title of “Champion of Europe”, which brings incredible success and worldwide fame to its owner.

From Spain the Russian delegation came with a triple victory. For the first time in 24 years, Russian illusionists have won prizes.
Artem Shchukin – 1st place in the nomination “Manipulations” and Vadim Savenkov – 3rd place in the “Comedy Magic” nomination.
This victory has inspired many young magicians to improve their skills and prepare themselves for next ECM.

The dates of the championship in St. Petersburg are already known.
FISM ECM St. Petersburg will be held from 3 to 7 July 2024

Preparations for the championship have already started, all the information on

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Sincerely yours,
UCM press-secretary
Anastasia Petriakova


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