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Here they are - the brightest representatives of the world of Magic. In this section you can get acquainted with all the members of the "United Club of Magicians". These incredible people create the modern history of the Art of Magic.
Alexander Murataev
The founder of the first Russian-based international magic club, the “United Club of Magicians”, Alexander is also a co-creator of “Anything but Ordinary” (“Vse Krome Obichnogo”), a TV-3 channel program about modern magic and an organiser of the International Forum of Illusionists. One of the most famous Russian magicians, he is a frequent guest on many popular TV and radio shows and has won a TEFI award in 2016 for his magic show on Channel 5.
Maxim Kiselev
One of the best illusionists in Russia. Participant of the TV project “Anything but ordinary”. Star of the famous TV show “Street Magic”. Finalist on the project “Amaze Me”.
Nazar Kayumov
Co-founder of the club UCM. Champion of Russia in tricks (MFI, RAI). Finalist on the show “Anything but ordinary”. Creator of Artifex, a platform for learning tricks.
Roman Khalafyan
Member of the International Society of Magicians (ims), Silver medalist of the 2nd World Festival of Magic, Finalist of “Minute of Glory” 2017 (first channel), Participant of “Anything but ordinary” 2018 (TV-3), Winner of the show “Invite to the wedding” 2019 (Russia 1), many other TV projects.
Nikolai Fomushin
The participant of the show "Surprise Me", 1 season on TV-3. Consultant and director of the tricks of the show “Empire of Illusions: The Safronov Brothers” on the STS. Semi-finalist of the show “Anything but ordinary” on TV-3 (Duet “Brain-Hacking”) The winner of the TV Trick Prize in the category “Mental Magic” (2018, Duet “Brain-Hacking”) 2nd place in the IFM 2019 in the category “Mentalism "(Duet" Brain-Hacking ") Member of the Russian Association of Illusionists. Member of the Expert Council Prize them. Harry Houdini (1 million rubles for demonstration of superpowers in the conditions of a correctly set scientific experiment)
Pavel Bakh
Comedy Magician No. 1. Member of the TV show "Everything but the Ordinary" Member of the jury of the international illusion festival 2019 in Minsk; One of the creators and performers of the show #BahSoSmaylom and #BahSoSmaylKids, both of which were very successful with the public; Significant performances: New Year's edition of "Everything but the Ordinary", Palace of Culture of the Lensovet stage performance "Everything but the Ordinary." Member of Comedy Battle 2019.
Sergey Koller
He began to study magic when he was 12, at the age of 17 he released his first instructional DVD with Chris Brown, the founder of the HIDE platform.
Alexander Magu
One of the most successful and sought-after Russian illusionists. A participant in events at the best venues in the country. Numerous tours around the cities of Russia, Europe and India. At the moment, Alexander has more than 1,500 appearances in his arsenal. Laureate of the first in Russian magic competition “Surprise Me” on the TV3 channel. The hero of many other television programs.
Sergey Polevov (Warlock)
Representative of the rare genre of “mentalism”, a hypnotist, mind-reader, intelligent and intellectual component of the “Warlock Show” duet. Member of the television show "Everything but the Ordinary" and a number of other television projects. The author of many mental tricks and original acts. Magic consultant. Lecturer of the International Forum of Magicians.
Alexey Gigauri
Has graduated from the “Ostankino” television school, worked as a host for the children's television programs on two TV channels. For 5 years he has been working at the Youth Theater of Kirill Korolev, practicing magic at the same time, did some small illusion sketches in some performances, for which he received the best supporting role award at the international theater festival in Vilnius. At the age of 16 he became a finalist and laureate of "Georgia's Got Talent". At the age of 17 he graduated from high school, entered GITIS at the faculty of entertainer, and after that he transferred to VGIK at the faculty of film and TV producer. At the age of 18, he passed a casting and became an artist of the “GEAR” non-verbal show. In 2017, he became a finalist of the “Minute of Glory” show on Channel One. ("Russia's Got Talent") In 2018, he became the finalist of the show “Everything but the Ordinary” on TV-3. At the moment, is one of the most sought after illusionists in Moscow.
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