All you need to know about UCM

Here you can find all the useful information about the club, that is, everything you'd like to know, but might have been afraid to ask.

1. United Club of Magicians (UCM) has existed since 2015. It was then that the idea for the first time to unite illusionists and magicians into a coherent magical community arose.

2. UCM club is accredited by the international federation of illusion communities FISM.

3. UCM Club has applied for FISM in Russia in 2024. Club organizers are already actively preparing for a meeting of FISM delegates, competitive selection and the holding of a one-of-a-kind “illusion Olympics” in Russia.

4. UCM club has already 90 members – among them there are both beginners and experienced and sought-after magicians and illusionists from different parts of the country.

5. Upon joining the club, all UCM members receive special club cards: a membership of the international FISM association and a UCM club card. Both cards give the right to full membership and provide their holders with various privileges and bonuses.

6. Club cards of UCM members are divided into 4 statuses: standard, silver, gold and platinum (for detailed information on statuses, see the main page of the site). Having a status implies an annual membership fee and access to illusionist lectures, meetings with foreign guests, the opportunity to participate in various magic events and receive special discounts and bonuses for participating in the International Forum of Magicians (IFms).

7. All club members receive discounts at a large number of magicians’ shops throughout Russia, as well as at the events organized by the FISM Organization, including FISM WCM 2021 in Quebec.

8. You can also become a member of UCM for free. A fee is required only for the production of the card itself (cost – 5 euros).

9. In order to register and become a member of the club, you must submit an application on the website or write to If you have any difficulties or additional questions, please contact us via WhatsApp and Telegram messengers: +79117898371.

10. From April 14 to 16, British illusionist Tom Elderfield paid a visit to the UCM club and brought his exclusive lecture specially for the club members and spent the next few days with the participants exchanging magical experience and skill. The next stellar meeting with the overseas illusionist will take place at the end of summer! On August 27, the English illusionist Oliver Smith will visit St. Petersburg and the UCM club with his lecture! Also this year, a lecture of another foreign guest in Moscow is planned for club members. We will expose his name later.

11. From July 8 to 10, the UCM club first jointly went out of town. In an informal gathering of magicians and illusionists, 40 people took part, who for all three days held illusion master classes, held focus battles, surprised each other with magical activities and had a lot of fun and productive time in nature. At the end of August, another visit of UCM club members to an island in the Leningrad Region with tents and “tent tricks” is planned.

12. On September 3, 2019, nine FISM presidents will meet with members of the UCM club.


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