Eric Ross will attend the VI International Forum of Magicians

From January 27 to 29, many new eminent guests are expected at the IFM in St. Petersburg, the eccentric and brutal Eric Ross is now one of them.

Eric Ross is a fearless stuntman, magician, illusionist, circus artist, creative consultant, in a word – a unique person who does not cease to swiftly storm the world of magic and surprise everyone around with his dedication. In magic circles, Eric is known as a courageous and brave man who steadily sticks sharp objects into various parts of his body.

As part of the Hellzapoppin Circus Sideshow Revue, the largest circus show in the world, Eric toured the world, shocking thousands of people with acts like Glass Eating, Fire Swallowing, Fire Breathing, The Human Blockhead  (an act featuring the performer hammering a nail up his nose), Strongman Feats of Strength (an act where different bearing structures are being bent, broken and utterly destroyed), etc.

In addition to spectacular and sometimes frightening acts, Eric Ross also masterfully performs card tricks and never ceases to amaze others with various visual feats. Whether he’s performing on the streets, in large companies or on television, Eric always manages to stun the audience and make them believe what what they see is real.

There are more and more reasons to visit IFM 2020, and we remind you that tickets can already be purchased on the site. Do not forget that in the year of 2020 each ticket secures a certain seat in the hall, the better the seat – the faster they go… So hurry!


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