Oliver Smith's Lecture

On August 27, members of the United Club of Magicians met British illusionist Oliver Smith.

Oliver Smith is not only an illusionist, but also a creative consultant who creates incredible magic tricks. He is able to easily subjugate all kinds of everyday objects and cleverly turn his manipulations into spectacular visual magic. Oliver created unique tricks for the best illusionists in the world, such as Dynamo, Troy and Ben Hanlin. Also, the young and talented illusionist has already managed to release a number of popular “magic” products, including Sticky (magic with chewing gum), Ripcord (magic with headphones) and Foresight (magic with moving ink).

On August 27, specially for members of the UCM club, Oliver Smith held his lecture on visual magic, during which he showed how to use small simple objects (coins, cards, mobile phone, etc.) to completely capture the attention of the audience. All throughout the lecture the members of the club were mesmerised by every action of the magician, were amazed at how skillfully Oliver managed to orchestrate the “table ball” and magically use such simple things.

At the end of the lecture, young magicians did not let the foreign guest go for quite a while, and after that they actively shared their impressions and emotions with each other.


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