UCM Club Camping

From August 19 to 21, the UCM club had its second outdoors trip. We'll tell you all about it.

This time, members of the club spent 3 days in a camp, where they truly rested from the city’s everyday bustle and plunged into the atmosphere of wildlife and magic right on the shore of Lake Ladoga. We slept outdoors in tents and hammocks, played active games on the lake, sang songs with a guitar by the fire, participated in acting master classes, and, of course, practiced our magic skills.

“There were constant guitar sounds near the fire, and the cards being shuffled were heard from afar, since no magician would let go of them” – the administrators of the tent camp Wawhahino Camp shared their impressions about the trip’s participants.

Those few days were definitely busy, vibrant and unforgettable. We hope that such joint trips will soon become our good and established tradition.





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