Our goals

Membership in the UCM opens many doors for the club contests. Learn more about your opportunities and prospects in this section.
To support young magicians
Especially for those who has already started their career in the World of Magic, membership in the UCM will be a great beginning. Every month we organize lectures from outstanding illusionists. There are also included discounts for participation in the IFM, daily club support and etc.
Establishment of a strong community
UCM includes the strongest illusionists from all over the World, who use the most advanced technologies in the field of Magic. They are ready to share their experience and knowledge. By joining the club, you will receive ongoing support from colleagues, up-to-date information and the latest news from the World of Magic.
To create modern tricks
The world does not stand still. Being modern is important. The fact that yesterday was "WOW", today is no longer relevant. UCM prepares innovators who will be able to do real wonders in the future, transforming classical and well-known tricks using modern technologies and props.
To teach the new generation of magicians
Studing magic develops logic, imagination, teaches to be patient and hardworking. Isn't this the dream of all parents? UCM has created a special exciting program for children. Perhaps, the youngest participants of our club in the future will make a revolution in the field of Magic!
Developing magic as Art in Russia
Any trick is a mini-theater, the action with clearly built dramaturgy. This is the time to put it in its rightful place among other Arts.
Rising the level of russian magic on the global stage
UCM collaborates with the largest magical organizations and communities from all around the world. The task of the club is to actively promote Russian magicians abroad and give them all the tools for self-development and the realization of their potential.
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