IFM 2019 winners

The List of winners of the competition program of the V Anniversary International Forum of Magicians 2019

The list of winners of the competition program of the International Forum of Magicians 2019:

Stage Magic

1st place – Vasil Antony

2 place – Maxim Gladshtein

3rd place – Ravlik Anna-Maria


1st place – Evgeny Krutov

2nd place – Duet “Brain Hacking”

3rd place – Artem Vorobyev


1st place – Vladimir Grigoriev

2 place – Yevgeny Korelin

3rd place – Alexander Shishuk


1st place – Nikita Yatsyk

2 place – Yuri Semenisty

3 place- Altynbek Sagyndyk

Children’s magic

1st place – Alan Gladkovas


Thanks for all participants of the IFM 2019 competition!

You  where great !!!


See you again!



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